2010 NHSCA High School Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Nationals
At Virginia Beach, VA
March 23-28, 2010

Individual Danbury Statistics:



Justin Peterson - 70 Elementary Nationals

2-1, 2nd Place

Justin Peterson, Danbury pin Adrian Murphy, VA 1:48

Justin Peterson, Danbury major dec. Tanner Pasvogel, MN 8-0

Taylor Lamont, UT dec. Justin Peterson, Danbury 9-5

Rocco Swensen - 105 Elementary Nationals

1-3, 4th Place

Michael Spallina, NY major dec. Rocco Swensen, Danbury 9-1

Wyatt Koelling, UT major dec. Rocco Swensen, Danbury 11-0

Rocco Swensen, Danbury major dec. Johnathan Vizcarrondo, PA 7-0

Garrett Gouger, PA dec. Rocco Swensen, Danbury 6-4

Elementary Brackets


Paulo Freitas - 75 Middle School Nationals 3-0, 1st Place

Paulo Freitas, Danbury injury def. Mike Jones, NJ

Paulo Freitas, Danbury dec. Hunter Waldron, OH 6-2

Paulo Freitas, Danbury major dec. Christian Wanamaker, NJ 13-1

Kevin Jack - 85 Middle School Nationals 2-1, 2nd Place

Kevin Jack, Danbury pin Darrell Utt II, NC 1:15

Kevin Jack, Danbury pin Costa Pnios, NJ

Griffin Bonner, NJ pin Kevin Jack, Danbury

Johnny Garcia - 127 Middle School Nationals 4-2, 4th Place

Dalton Harmon, UT pin Johnny Garcia, Danbury

Johnny Garcia, Danbury pin Zack Winegardner, NC 4:45

Johnny Garcia, Danbury dec. Zach Lugo, NY 6-3

Johnny Garcia, Danbury pin Tanner Sexton, NY

Johnny Garcia, Danbury dec. Patrick James, SC 8-6

Jake Forrester, OR dec. Johnny Garcia, Danbury  13-11

Tristan Jakobson - 142 Middle School Nationals 1-2

Dakota Janney, PA pin Tristan Jakobson, Danbury

Tristan Jakobson, Danbury  dec. Zach Edmonds, GA 4-0

Mike Clare, AZ dec. Tristan Jakobson, Danbury 2-1

Middle School Brackets


Zachary Tepper - 103 Freshman Nationals 1-2

Zachary Tepper, Danbury dec. Albert Ryan, AZ 4-2

Leif Dominguez, CA pin Zachary Tepper, Danbury 1:30

Bailey Hoke, NC pin Zachary Tepper, Danbury 2:00

Chris Eanniello - 119 Freshman Nationals 0-2

Jordan Simpson, AL dec. Chris Eanniello, Danbury 5-0

Hank Goettl, AZ dec. Chris Eanniello, Danbury 7-1

Shane Jennings - 119 Freshman Nationals 1-2

Dani Fischer, WY dec. Shane Jennings, Danbury, 4-2

Shane Jennings, Danbury dec. Jackson Mordente, NY 7-2

Allan Thomas, NJ dec. Shane Jennings, Danbury, 2-0

Randi Shook - 171 Freshman Nationals 0-2

Reid Lawson, MD dec. Randi Shook, Danbury, 9-4

Trevor Bruffy, VA dec. Randi Shook, Danbury, 5-0

Freshman Brackets


Dylan Bryant  - 103 Sophomore Nationals 3-2

Dylan Bryan, Danbury dec. Taylor Hall, CA, 8-2

Dylan Bryan, Danbury dec. Codi Vichi, WY, 11-4

Dylan Bryan, Danbury pin Anthony Shirley, KY, 5:03

Joey Byers, PA dec. Dylan Bryant, Danbury 9-3

Ricky Carter, NJ dec. Dylan Bryant, Danbury 4-2

Ryan Peterson - 140 Sophomore Nationals 1-2

Ryan Peterson, Danbury dec. Michael Bourgoyne, LA, 5-4

Noah Blasone, PA major dec. Ryan Peterson, Danbury 13-2
Stephen Lumley, NY major dec. Ryan Peterson, Danbury 8-0

Kyle Westerfield - 140 Sophomore Nationals 0-2

Kurt Bentley, DE pin Kyle Westerfield, Danbury, 3:18

Thomas Wilson, MD dec. Kyle Westerfield, Danbury, 5-0

Wesley Spears  - 145 Sophomore Nationals 0-2

Travis Luft, OH major dec. Wesley Spears, Danbury, 10-0

Austin Leetch, NE tech. fall Wesley Spears, Danbury, 22-5

Tyler Hancock  - 171 Sophomore Nationals 1-3

Tyler Hancock, Danbury pin Bobby Hafer, PA 3:10

David Reck, VA pin Tyler Hancock, Danbury 4:44

Anthony Lock, NY tech. fall Tyler Hancock, Danbury 16-0

William Jack  - 189 Sophomore Nationals 2-2

William Jack, Danbury dec. Marshal Chang, MD, 10-9

Colton Bigelow, NJ pin William Jack, Danbury 0:39

William Jack, Danbury dec. Mike McFarlane, NJ 2-0

Jacob Kelly, NY pin William Jack, Danbury 3:26

Sophomore Brackets


James Patton  - 112 Junior Nationals 0-2

Will Montgomery, NY major dec. James Patton, Danbury, 12-1

Jared Daigle, LA dec. James Patton, Danbury 3-0

Junior Brackets

Brian Jennings  - 112 Senior Nationals 2-2

Brian Jennings, Danbury pin Russell Royal, GA 4:50

Alex Gilpin, TX tech. fall Brian Jennings, Danbury 17-1

Brian Jennings, Danbury dec. Chad Booth, ID 2-0

Victor Ekpenyong, CT dec. Brian Jennings, Danbury 5-2

Charlie Costanzo - 119 Senior Nationals 2-2

Peter Detore, NY dec. Charlie Costanzo, Danbury, 8-2

Charlie Costanzo, Danbury dec. Nick Porter, ID 3-0

Charlie Costanzo, Danbury dec. Brandon Harrison, NC 7-2

Daniel Mendoza, AZ dec. Charlie Costanzo, Danbury, 3-1

JD Damici  - 125 Senior Nationals 0-2

Philip Cato, AL dec. JD Damici, Danbury, 8-2

Wismit Moinius, FL dec. JD Damici, Danbury 7-0

Dylan Hancock  - 215 Senior Nationals 0-2

Filmore McMillan, FL dec. Dylan Hancock, Danbury, 8-3

AJ Mott, NJ dec. Dylan Hancock, Danbury 4-3

Senior Brackets

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