Friday-Saturday, February 20-21
At Trumbull

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--- Team Scores ---
1) Danbury 252.5
2) Xavier 218.0
3) South Windsor 206.0
4) Amity 171.0
5) Shelton 137.0
6) Southington 134.0
7) Stamford 96.0
8) Glastonbury 88.0
9) NFA 81.5
10) Simsbury 78.0
11) Greenwich 75.0
12) Manchester 70.0
13) Cheshire 63.5
14) McMahon 59.5
15) Westhill 53.5
16) Fairfield Prep 48.0
17) Newtown 46.0
18) Staples 44.0
19) Platt Tech/W Haven 44.0
20) East Hartford 41.0
21) Ridgefield 37.0
22) Trumbull 36.0
23) Windsor 33.0
24) NewBritian 32.5
25) NewHaven 20.0
26) Bridgeport Co-op 9.5
27) Hartford Public 0.0

--- Place Winners ---
Championship: Steve Matson, Amity def. Tyler Keane, Glastonbury, Decision 2-1
3rd Place: Dylan Bryant, Danbury def. Sean Kellet, Shelton, Decision 16-0
Fifth Place: Joey Battinelli, Stamford def. Johnny D'Elia, Greenwich, Decision 2-0

Championship: Brian Jennings, Danbury def. Jed Cervero, Cheshire, Decision 6-1
3rd Place: Doug Fontaine, Southington def. Ricky Jorge, Xavier, Pin  4:53
Fifth Place: Peter Litwin, Amity def. Audrow Nash, South Windsor, Decision 4-3

Championship: Charles Costanzo, Danbury def. Nicholas Healy, South Windsor, Decision 7-0
3rd Place: Anthony Pedraza, Manchester def. Victor Cerio, Greenwich, Decision 11-1
Fifth Place: Spencer Ciancola, Amity def. Andrew Vanam, Fairfield Prep, Pin  0:26

Championship: John Damici, Danbury def. Robert Ferrante, Shelton, Decision 4-2
3rd Place: Dylan Rinker, South Windsor def. Blake Summers, Glastonbury, Decision 3-0
Fifth Place: Travis Tiger, Ridgefield def. Dylan Lamo, Xavier, Pin  2:14

Championship: Eliot Lopez, South Windsor def. John Gouveia, Newtown, Decision 9-5
3rd Place: Jason Camacho, Stamford def. Tyler Cunningham, Xavier, Decision 10-2
Fifth Place: Daniel Matson, Amity def. Sean Marren, Shelton, Decision 19-3

Championship: Joseph Sargenti, South Windsor def. Alex Camacho, Stamford, Decision 6-3
3rd Place: Kane Jarmon, NFA def. Gordon Zachs, Simsbury, Decision 10-4
Fifth Place: Tim Lincoln, Fairfield Prep def. Mark Membrino, Southington, Decision 6-2

Championship: Thomas Abbate, Xavier def. Michael Vernik, Amity, Pin  3:36
3rd Place: Zach Napalitano, Westhill def. Cory Seeger, Southington, Decision 8-4
Fifth Place: Thiago Goncalves, Danbury def. Joshua Gowdy, Simsbury, Decision 14-7

Championship: Tucker Schaefer, Danbury def. Jake Odell, South Windsor, Pin  4:35
3rd Place: Ryan Scott, Xavier def. Sean Fields, McMahon, Decision 7-1
Fifth Place: Nick Gialluca, NewBritian def. Justin Summers, Trumbull, Decision 10-9

Championship: Damian Winters, Danbury def. Chris Emanuelson, Xavier, Decision 3-1
3rd Place: Alex Carpenter, Amity def. Chris Sheehan, Manchester, Decision 3-0
Fifth Place: Pat Riera, Southington def. Kyle Lancaster, NFA, Decision 11-3

Championship: Mike Monson, Southington def. Kyle Copes, Cheshire, Decision 9-7
3rd Place: John Smith, Danbury def. Andrew Nederlof, Staples, Decision 11-1
Fifth Place: Dillon Carter, Xavier def. William Pogacsas, Shelton, Decision 8-7

Championship: Patrick Sawyer, NFA def. Dan Thompson, Xavier, Decision 9-3
3rd Place: Dylan Hancock, Danbury def. D'Mel Williams, Stamford, Decision 5-4
Fifth Place: Michael Frizinia, Shelton def. Ben Pennant, Glastonbury, Decision 4-3

Championship: Michael Ingalls, South Windsor def. Dillon Ritchie, Southington, Decision 5-3
3rd Place: Tito Slaughter, NewHaven def. Cosmo Iadanza, Westhill, Decision 4-1
Fifth Place: Colter Abely, Xavier def. Chris Casaccio, Fairfield Prep, Decision 8-2

Championship: Lawton Arnold, Simsbury def. Patrick Gillen, Shelton, Decision 6-1
3rd Place: Matthew Gillespie, Amity def. Steve Wojcik, Manchester, Decision 6-2
Fifth Place: Douglas Robinson, Windsor def. Ryan Kelly, Xavier, Decision 5-3

Championship: Seth Rothberg, South Windsor def. Humphrey Swift, Danbury, Decision 3-2
3rd Place: Mohamed Chater, Xavier def. Jeff Starr, McMahon, Pin  3:17
Fifth Place: Lloyd Brown, East Hartford def. Jonathan Ramsey, Windsor, Pin  4:54

--- Fastest Fall Winner ---
Lloyd Brown from East Hartford
285 lbs, 4 pins,  9:08

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